10:00 am
Welcome remarks from Campaign

Gideon Spanier

UK editor-in-chief


10:10 am
Panel discussion: Can the industry retain creativity at scale in a fragmented media landscape?
  • Overcoming digital disruption: in which channels can you be creative?
  • What does the next decade hold in store for creativity in the face of the duopoly?
  • What does internet regulation mean for advertising in the short and long term?

Jerry Daykin

EMEA media director

GSK Consumer Healthcare Marketing

Tracy Abraham

Group marketing director

The AA

Lloyd Page

Marketing director


10:50 am
Session Break
11:05 am
Case studies: Building a market disruptor which delivers on scale and on the bottom-line
  • Why should both traditional and emerging brands adopt a bolder marketing and business approach to achieve greater impact and market share?
  • How can brands achieve scale, impact, and profits by leveraging market disruptor models?

Jamela Acheampong

Founder and brand director


Chris Pitt

Chief marketing officer


11:45 am
Networking Lunch
1:00 pm
Fireside chat: Rebuilding a brand from the inside out
  • Reinventing your model in the midst of rising competition and in the wake of reputational damage
  • Winning back your consumers in tough economic circumstances by putting them at the heart of your media strategy
  • Personalising your storytelling using data and a range of channels to improve reputation and build your brand

Nick Ashley

Head of Media and Campaign Planning


Emma Botton

Group Marketing Communications Director


1:30 pm
Session Break
1:45 pm
Panel discussion: Big Brother: the ethics of personalisation
  • When does targeting and personalisation go too far and impacts audience trust?
  • What are the regulatory updates for data privacy and targeting?
  • Who decides how businesses use data in the age of addressable and personalisation?
  • What are the merits and drawbacks of targeting tightly vs keeping audience targeting broad and reach based?

Dino Myers-Lamptey


The Barber Shop

Paul Rowlinson

Managing director

GroupM Digital UK

Christine Maguire

VP, Global advertising revenue


3:00 pm
Campaign 360 and PR Week 360 Closing Plenary: How Patagonia puts community and environment ahead of profit
  • Understanding the value of community engagement and ‘values based’ media partnerships
  • Why all brands have the power to make a difference
  • Rethinking your ad spend whilst expanding your reach

Alex Weller

Marketing Director, Europe


3:20 pm
Session break
3:35 pm
Keynote Panel Discussion: The rise of purpose: What will this look like in a post-covid world?

As UK brands respond to the impact of Coronavirus, it becomes important to differentiate authentic purpose from performative purpose.

  • How will UK’s biggest brands respond to this changing landscape?
  • How will the current environment challenge and change what consumers expect from brands with purpose?
  • How have leading brands reacted to the coronavirus crisis and how have these responses shaped consumer views moving forward?
  • Exploring how brand purpose guides consumer choice and understanding how to adapt your business model in current uncertainty
  • Can remaining neutral on big issues make your brand irrelevant? Is it now more important than ever to take a stand?
  • How leading brands are reacting to the coronavirus crisis and how these responses will shape consumer views in the long term

Bonnie Chia

Head of Brand

WWF International

Natalie Deacon

Executive director, corporate affairs, CSR and sustainability


Amarlis Whitty

PR director

Mattel Europe

4:05 pm
Chairperson’s closing remarks and wrap of conference

Gideon Spanier

UK editor-in-chief