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Renay Richardson

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Sony Music

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Renay Richardson is an audio producer and founder of Broccoli Content. Richardson made her mark on the UK podcasting industry with her highly-acclaimed series About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge. Produced almost entirely in her living room, it was originally rejected and referred to as Broccoli, meaning it’s good for you but no-one wants to eat it. Undeterred, Richardson threw everything she had to tell the story of race relations in modern day Britain. About Race launched in March 2018, quickly amassing critical and audience acclaim around the world, and cemented Richardsons’ place as one of Britain’s most prolific producers of colour. That same year she founded Broccoli to create content that’s good for you, while creating opportunities for minority talent both in front of, and behind, the mic. Broccoli’s current slate includes the flagship series Your Broccoli Weekly hosted journalist Diyora Shadijanova, Money 101, a Millennial personal finance podcast, for BBC Sounds and Anthems, a series of 31podcasts by 31 exceptional women, which is a call to action, uplifting and empowering. In 2019, Broccoli Content formed a joint-venture with Sony Music Entertainment to develop creative and challenging audio content for global audiences.

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