Day 1: 10th September

10:00 am

James Wallman

Sector Specialist

Department for International Trade

10:05 am
Opening Panel: The Experience Economy: the future of live storytelling

The experience economy post coronavirus: how brands are adapting experiential activities to stand out from the crowd
Giving the same credibility to experiential marketing and established media channels to drive growth
Maximising the potential of an experience-first campaign and understanding how it fits into your brand strategy

Anthony Duckworth

International experiential marketing director

American Express

Amy Brown

Head of creative strategy


Maria D’Souza

Marketing director

Barclays Ventures

10:55 am
Session break
11:10 am
Presentation: Using consumer insights to tell a compelling and authentic brand story

Creating an emotional journey for consumers through psychology and behavioural insights
Strategic concept development to create synergy between your brand and the experience
Maximising the human interaction at the heart of an engaging experience

Michael Swaisland

Head of insights EMEA


11:40 am
Session break
11:55 am
Creating brand advocates through user voices to bring Twitter to life

Collaborating with your audience to amplify their ideas and voices to make your brand more relatable
Offering your audience a platform to share their ideas and voices
Integrating offline and online content for a holistic brand experience across platforms
Creative and fun brand activations to connect with your audience and gain wider press exposure

Louise Adams

Senior Marketing Manager


12:25 pm
Networking lunch break
1:30 pm
Permanent brand experiences: Building a sustainable and innovative pipeline

With over 20 million visitors to date, the iconic Guinness Storehouse is the national number one attraction in Ireland, providing a fun and dynamic brand experience of the history, heart, and soul of Ireland’s most iconic beer. Hear how they:

Maintain the buzz of pop-up culture in a sustainable permanent installation
Understand how to open up shop post-COVID for a safe and enjoyable experience
Explore the value of agile retail and exclusive, time-limited brand activations

Catherine Toolan

Managing Director Irish Brand Homes


2:00 pm
Session break
2:15 pm
Presentation: Globalise and localise: International experiential campaigns

Adapting your experiences to make them culturally relevant by leveraging data analytics and insights
Developing a consistent brand experience that deepens the relationship that people have with your brand
Standardizing your measurement metrics to have a meaningful reflection of your success

Bonnie Chia

Head of Brand

WWF International

Tugce Aksoy

Global brand Manager – Magnum


3:00 pm
Session break
3:15 pm
Panel: Return on Experience: Understanding the metrics and impact of brand experiences

Identifying valid measurement metrics to evaluate the success of experiential marketing
Capturing strategic data to feedback across your team
Exploring the relationship between sales, brand health and awareness, and experience

Luke Hopkins

Senior Account Director


Meredith O’Shaughnessy


Meredith Collective

Maria Koutsoudakis

Brand and marketing director

Vodafone UK

Jane Culcheth Beard

Customer events and experience director EMEA


4:00 pm
Chair’s closing remarks

James Wallman

Sector Specialist

Department for International Trade